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You may well be wondering what this option is for. When you launch the Global application, you see something much like what is shown in Figure 11.29. It looks quite a bit like a word processor, but it is not. This application is for storing and organizing global data, data that can be shared among your various Open Office applications. The document you are looking at is the master document for your word processor, but many functions in it are common to all of your Open Office applications. You can alter this document and save it. It will then be the template for new word processing documents you create.

Figure 11.29: Global.

You already saw this application used a bit in the last chapter to import templates. That is just the beginning of what you can do with this application. Recall that we went to File and then Templates and chose Import. You also can alter your Address Book. When you look under File and Templates, you should see Address Book. When you select this you are taken to the screen shown in Figure 11.30, and you can adjust the format of your Address Book.

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Figure 11.30: The Address Book.

You can see that Global is exactly what its name implies. It is a utility that gives you access to the Global shared elements of Open Office. It is here that you can create the basic template for new documents, as well as import templates for use in Excel and Impress.

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