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Open Office, much like Microsoft Office, is not a single application. Rather, it is an integrated suite of applications. Each of these applications can be used separately, but there are functions that work with all of the applications. There are some utilities that are cross functional and work with all of the Open Office applications. The same is true with Microsoft Office, which has made a concerted effort over the years to tightly integrate all of the Microsoft Office applications into one cohesive unit.

When you first launch Open Office Writer or any of the Open Office applications for the first time, you will see one of the shared utilities in action. The very first thing that happens when you launch Open Office for the first time is that the Open Office Address Book Wizard appears. This wizard will set up a common address book that can be used in Open Office Writer as well as the various other Open Office applications. The first step of the wizard will ask you what type of existing address book you would like to use. This is shown in Figure 8.2.

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Figure 8.2: Selecting an address book type.

The next phase of the wizard process is to select what address list from that address book you would prefer to use. You can see this step in Figure 8.3.

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Figure 8.3: Selecting an address list.


Many e-mail applications allow you to have multiple, separate address lists inside your address book. This is why you need to select a specific list from within an address book.

The last step is simply to give your address book a name. That name can be used in the future to access this address book. You can see this phase in Figure 8.4.

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Figure 8.4: Choosing a name for your address book.

That’s all there is to setting up your address book. We will return to the address book a bit later and examine how to use it. You will find that it can be a useful product with many different Open Office applications.

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