Section III: Moving from Microsoft Office to Open Office

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Chapter List

Chapter 8: Moving from Microsoft Word to Open Office
Chapter 9: Spreadsheets with Open Office Calc
Chapter 10: Moving from Microsoft PowerPoint to Open Office Impress
Chapter 11: Other Open Office Applications

For many readers, this will be the part of the book you have been waiting for. Many PC users are not too concerned with their system or how it works. What they really want to do is perform productive work. At some point, most people find basic office utilities such as word processors and spreadsheets to be quite useful. For many people that is the primary reason for purchasing a computer. The next several chapters of this book are devoted to showing you just how to do this.

Open Office® is an office suite that is distributed under an open source license. That means it is available as a free download. You can even get a Windows version of it. It comes with Red Hat and many other distributions of Linux. But you can also download a free version, as well as find out more about Open Office at

We will start by examining word processing with Open Office in Chapter 8. Chapter 9 will show you how to work with spreadsheets using Open Office. Chapter 10 will introduce you to using Open Office for presentations you formerly did in Microsoft PowerPoint®. Finally, Chapter 11 will show you some of the extra utilities that are part of the Open Office suite.

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