Section II: The Linux Graphical User Interface

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Chapter List

Chapter 4: System Configuration in KDE
Chapter 5: Using KDE for Everything You Used to Do in Windows
Chapter 6: Linux Administration from KDE
Chapter 7: The GNOME Interface

If you are used to Microsoft Windows, you are used to the ease of a graphical user interface. There are several such interfaces available for Linux. The two most popular are KDE and GNOME. This book will emphasize the KDE interface but also introduce you to GNOME. In this section you will find out how to navigate through the KDE interface, how to administer your system via the KDE interface, and how to do many of the common tasks you used to do in Windows. Finally, you will get a brief introduction to the GNOME interface.

After finishing this section, you should be comfortable with KDE. This means you should be able to perform basic administrative tasks with KDE, know where to find applications you need, and be familiar with a few of the programs that are included with KDE. You should also have at least a passing familiarity with GNOME.

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