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Chapter 2: Installing Linux

Table 2.1: Installation Packages
Table 2.2: Application Packages
Table 2.3: Server Packages
Table 2.4: Development Packages
Table 2.5: Recommended Packages

Chapter 3: Basics of the Linux Operating System

Table 3.1: Linux Shells
Table 3.2: Linux shell command and Windows command prompt commands

Chapter 6: Linux Administration from KDE

Table 6.1: Protocols

Chapter 9: Spreadsheets with Open Office Calc

Table 9.1: Calc Functions

Chapter 15: Web Servers in Linux

Table 15.1: HTTP Return Codes
Table 15.2: Common Problems
Table 15.3: The httpd.conf file
Table 15.4: Alternative Web Servers

Chapter 16: Linux FTP Servers

Table 16.1: VSFTP Settings

Chapter 18: Linux Shell Commands

Table 18.1: File and Directory Management Commands
Table 18.2: System Commands

Chapter 19: System Administration from the Shell

Table 19.1: Run Levels
Table 19.2: ifconfig Flags
Table 19.3: The tar Flags

Chapter 20: Basic Shell Scripting

Table 20.1: Wildcards
Table 20.2: System Variables

Chapter 21: Advanced Shell Functions

Table 21.1: cal Flags
Table 21.2: The grep Flags
Table 21.3: Basic vi Commands
Table 21.4: Emacs Terminology

Chapter 22: Samba, Printing, and More

Table 22.1: Samba Terminology

Appendix D: PC Hardware*

Table D.1: PC Parts

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