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moving from windows to linux
Moving from Windows to Linux
by Chuck Easttom ISBN:1584502800
Charles River Media 2004 (590 pages)

This text covers all facets of Linux including installation, configuration, using Linux web server, moving from Microsoft Office to Open Office, and more.

Table of Contents
Moving from Windows to Linux
Section I - Linux Fundamentals
Chapter 1- Making the Move from Windows to Linux
Chapter 2- Installing Linux
Chapter 3- Basics of the Linux Operating System
Section II - The Linux Graphical User Interface
Chapter 4- System Configuration in KDE
Chapter 5- Using KDE for Everything You Used to Do in Windows
Chapter 6- Linux Administration from KDE
Chapter 7- The GNOME Interface
Section III - Moving from Microsoft Office to Open Office
Chapter 8- Moving from Microsoft Word to Open Office
Chapter 9- Spreadsheets with Open Office Calc
Chapter 10- Moving from Microsoft PowerPoint to Open Office Impress
Chapter 11- Other Open Office Applications
Section IV - Important Linux Applications
Chapter 12- Moving from Adobe Photoshop to GIMP
Chapter 13- Web Browsers, E-Mail, and Internet Applications
Chapter 14- Miscellaneous Linux Applications
Chapter 15- Web Servers in Linux
Chapter 16- Linux FTP Servers
Chapter 17- Fun and Games in Linux
Section V - Advanced Linux
Chapter 18- Linux Shell Commands
Chapter 19- System Administration from the Shell
Chapter 20- Basic Shell Scripting
Chapter 21- Advanced Shell Functions
Chapter 22- Samba, Printing, and More
Appendix A- Other Resources
Appendix B- Glossary of Linux and Operating System Terms
Appendix C- Answers to Review Questions
Appendix D- PC Hardware*
Appendix E- Red Hat Packages
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Moving From Windows to Linux
Moving From Windows To Linux (Charles River Media Networking/Security)
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