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Chapter 1: Getting Started

Programmers Can Be Users
Understanding Machine Language, Assembly Language, Operating Systems, and All That
Understanding Compilers, Interpreters, and Why Not to Worry
Deciphering JavaScript, ECMAScript, and JScript
Understanding Methods and Objects
JavaScript Code in HTML: Best Practices

Chapter 2: Understanding Types, Variables, and Statements

Advanced—Fancy Ways to Write Numbers
Using the String Concatenation Operator
Advanced—Examining Some Special Types

Chapter 3: Using Conditional Statements

So, Who Is George Boole, Anyway?
Using Break Statements and Return Statements

Chapter 4: Working with Loops

I’m Blocked, How About You?
How Many Ways Can You Write a While?

Chapter 5: Understanding Functions

Advanced—Differentiating Between Functions, Methods, and Subroutines
Try This at Home—Functions and Children First!
Advanced—Understanding Loosely and Strictly Typed Computer Languages
Learning More About HTML Table Tags
Advanced—Understanding Fibonacci Numbers and the Rabbit Problem

Chapter 6: Programming with Arrays

Using the Array Length Property

Chapter 7: Working with Objects

Don’t Feel Overwhelmed!

Chapter 8: Understanding Events and Event-Driven Programming

Using Different Browsers
Different Event Models
Internet Explorer, Mozilla, and Netscape
Custom Events in Visual Basic .NET

Chapter 9: Manipulating Strings

The Man Who Invented Regular Expressions
Calling All Readers

Chapter 10: Debugging and Exceptions

Why Is a “Bug” a Bug?
The Error Object Across Browsers

Chapter 11: Programming with JavaScript

Calling All Readers
Problems with This Password Scheme
Generating Random Numbers
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Learn How to Program Using Any Web Browser
Learn How to Program Using Any Web Browser
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Authors: Harold Davis

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