The Equipment You ll Need


The Equipment You'll Need

Clearly, the equipment you need depends on how you want to set up your network.

If you are planning to add Wi-Fi to a wired network, in addition to all the equipment you need for the wired network, you need a Wi-Fi access point.

If you are not adding Wi-Fi but rather planning to create a completely wireless Wi-Fi network from scratch, you need a Wi-Fi router to connect to your modem. You can buy a DSL or cable modem that is integrated with a Wi-Fi router as a single unit.



You should also know that you can buy a single unit that works as a router for both wired and Wi-Fi computers. See Chapter 13 for more details about this option.

In either case, you'll need Wi-Fi capability on each device that you want to connect to the Wi-Fi network. This can be achieved either by adding a Wi-Fi card to the device, or purchasing devices that come integrated with Wi-Fi already on board.

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