Section 7.1. Sending Messages with JMS

7.1. Sending Messages with JMS

To send JMS messages from the JAW Motors application, do the following:

  • Upgrade the web site:

    • Add a "Run Credit Check" link and form.

    • Add a "Run Credit Check" action to the Controller Servlet.

  • Add JMS:

    • Create an object that holds the user's credit information to send as a JMS message.

    • Write a utility class to encapsulate sending a JMS message.

    • Add JMS-based JNDI reference settings to the Web-based deployment descriptors (web.xml and jboss-web.xml).

    • Automate JMS-based JNDI reference settings with XDoclet.

    • Deploy a JMS Queue on JBoss with an MBean.

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