Section B.6. Logging Deployment

B.6. Logging Deployment

The new files go into the Common JAR file, as follows:

  • The root directory holds the following:

    • The Apache Jakarta Commons Logging JAR files

    • The Log4J JAR file

    • The file that defines the property where the log file resides

    • The file that tells Jakarta Apache Commons Logging to use Log4J

    • The Log4J Configuration file, jbossatwork-log4j.xml

  • Everything else remains unchanged.

The new SystemPropertiesUtil, Log4jConfigurator, and ResourceLoader objects are part of the com.jbossatwork.util package, so their class files reside in the Common JAR's com/jbossatwork/util directory. See Chapter 3 for more information on the Common JAR file.

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