Section B.7. Logging Checklist

B.7. Logging Checklist

Before moving on to test the JAW Motors application's new logging functionality, let's recap what we've done to add logging to the application:

  • Created the file that tells Apache Jakarta Commons Logging (JCL)) to use Log4J as its implementation.

  • Used Apache JCL calls in the JAW Motors application code.

  • Added a Log4J Configuration file, jbossatwork-log4j.xml, to tell Log4J to format messages and where to log them.

  • Developed a file that defines where the log file resides.

  • Wrote an Initialization Servlet to configure Log4J at JBoss startup, deferring the low-level setup details to utility classes.

  • Deployed the logging implementation in the Common JAR:

  • The Apache JCL and Log4J JARs, properties files, and new utility classes go in the root directory.

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