Section 2.2. The SEO Advantage

2.2. The SEO Advantage

If you understand SEO, you have an edge. It pays to nurture this understandingwhether you are coding your web pages yourself, working with in-house developers, or outsourcing your web design and implementation.

True, some web sites do just fine without consciously considering SEO. But by consciously developing a plan that incorporates SEO into your web sites and web pages, your web properties will outrank others that do not.

Just as success begets success in the brick and mortar world, online traffic begets traffic. (What you plan to do with the traffic, and how you plan to monetize it, are other issues.)

One way to look at this is that sites that use core SEO have an incremental higher ranking in search results. These sites don't make gauche mistakes that cost them "points" in search engine ranking. They use tried-and-true SEO techniques to gain "points" for each web page.

Page by page, these increments give you an edge.

This edge is your SEO advantage.

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