Section 14.7. Verifying Your Creation

14.7. Verifying Your Creation

You should log on to AdWords to make sure that your campaign, ad group, ad, and keywords have been created. (Also, charges for the ad within the limits of the budget and maximum CPC that you set will start.)

Figure 14-6 shows a campaign, Things That Soar, created using the code in this chapter.

Figure 14-6. Things That Soar, the campaign that was created with the AdWord API, appears in the list of campaigns

The budget of $2.00 per day shown for the campaign corresponds to 2,000,000 micros.

If you drill down by clicking Things That Soar, you'll see the Flying Widgets ad group (Figure 14-7).

Figure 14-7. Drilling down into the campaign, the Flying Widgets ad group appears

The $.05 maximum CPC shown for the Flying Widgets ad group corresponds to 50,000 micros.

By clicking on the Flying Widgets ad group, one can verify in Figure 14-8 that the ad elements and keywords were entered in the demonstration program.

Figure 14-8. The Flying Widgets ad is active and ready for placement using the keyword provided in the program

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