Chapter 13: Test Case Management


The next several chapters will introduce the testing functionality supported by Team System. Because these testing options are so critical to project success, it is not uncommon for projects to have dozens, sometimes even hundreds, of tests. Fortunately, Team System offers ways to organize and execute tests. In this chapter, you will learn how to use those features to work effectively with your application's tests, whether you have 5 or 5,000 tests to manage.

We begin with an in-depth description of test projects, a special project type that you can use to contain tests of any kind. We'll describe the creation of test projects, as well as the various options you can specify when a new test project is created.

Then, we describe the Test View and Test Manager windows. These windows offer effective ways to organize and execute the tests contained in your solutions.

We also explain the management of test results. The Test Results window is described in detail. The files used to store test run results, called TRX files, are also discussed. We'll show you how to export and import test run results and how to publish test run results to your Team Foundation Server for reporting purposes.

Finally, an additional test type called an ordered test is introduced. Ordered tests are essentially containers of other tests, offering a convenient way to group and execute tests in a specified order.

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