3.9 Microsoft Exchange Server support utilities

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Microsoft provides several support utilities for administration, coexistence, migration, deployment, mobility, performance tuning, security, storage, and routing at the following website: www.microsoft.com/exchange/tools/2003. Before using any of these utilities in a production environment, you should ensure that Microsoft will support the utility. Table 3.1 lists some of the Exchange monitoring and management utilities that are available for Exchange 2003. Microsoft periodically updates the list of utilities, so you should check for changes.

Table 3.1: Microsoft Support Utilities



Address Rewrite

Rewrites the return e-mail addresses on outgoing messages sent from a third-party mail system to Exchange and destined to external or Internet addresses.

Archive Sink

Archives message and log recipient details and other information about messages sent to or received by your Exchange server.

Authoritative Restore

Forces a restored directory database to replicate to the other servers after restoring from a backup.

DNS Resolver

Helps troubleshoot delivery problems caused by DNS issues by simulating the SMTP service internal code path and reading diagnostic messages.

Error Code Look-Up

Determines the error values from decimal and hexadecimal error codes in Microsoft Windows operating systems.


Generates globally unique identifiers.

Interorganization Replication

Replicates public folder and free and busy information between Exchange organizations.


Simulates the disk I/O load on a test Exchange server to verify the performance and stability of your disk subsystem before putting your server into a production environment.

Information Store Viewer

Allows you to browse storage, address book, and other Messaging Application Programming Interface providers.

Mailbox Merge Wizard

Extracts data from mailboxes on one Exchange server and merges that data into mailboxes on another Exchange server.

Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer

Scans for missing Exchange security updates.

Microsoft Operations Manager-Exchange 2003 Management Pack

The management pack module contains predefined rules, filters, response scripts, performance counters, alerts, reports, and knowledge base articles for managing Exchange 2003 using Microsoft Operations Manager.

MTA Check

Checks for message transfer agent database consistency and performance problems.

SMTP Internet Protocol Restriction and Accept/ Deny List Configuration

Allows you to programmatically set Internet Protocol restrictions on an SMTP virtual server.


Provides a visual representation of the Exchange routing topology and the status of the different routing components.

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