This Chapter introduces and justifies content networking in terms of various technologies used to enhance applications. Learning lessons from other various Internetworking technologies, such as SAN and IP telephony, content networking uses existing networking infrastructure to

  • Reduce bandwidth and response times.

  • Increase application scalability and availability.

  • Manipulate network parameters to enhance application content delivery.

  • Provide customization and prioritization using various technologies, such as QoS and traffic shaping.

Network security, auditing, and management are also important aspects of content networking. The Cisco SAFE architecture offers numerous solutions for securing and managing content networks.

Providing end-to-end networking solutions is a must for vendors competing in today's diverse networking climate. Cisco's content networking solution portfolio includes the Cisco ACNS architecture coupled with numerous certified ecosystem partners' software.

Content Networking Fundamentals
Content Networking Fundamentals
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