This important new book explores the relationship between top management consultant teams and their clients. Through a series of case studies, from both the private and public sectors, it presents best practice in consulting at the sharp end of contemporary management across all disciplines including change management, business strategy, outsourcing, operational performance and human resources.

The case studies are drawn from the MCA Awards, which recognize best practice in all categories of management. Firms present qualifying client engagements for evaluation by a distinguished panel of judges drawn from industry, government and academia.

Each case study explores how a business situation was tackled, and examines how the team responded to challenges during the project and the unexpected lessons learned. The case studies are embedded within an explanatory framework that draws out common themes, relates the case studies to generic models, and discusses how their approaches can be applied in other businesses.

About the Authors

Fiona Czerniawska is one of the world’s leading commentators on the consulting industry. She is the Director of the UK Management Consultancies Association’s Think Tak and the founder and Managing Director of Arkimeda, a firm that specializes in researching and consulting on strategic issues.

Paul May is a business technology author, consultant, systems architect and business development executive. Paul formed the independent e-commerce consulting practice Verista in 1998. He has since undertaken strategy and implementation projects with well-known global companies.

Management Consulting in Practice. Award-Winning International Case Studies
Management consulting in practice; award-winning international case studies.
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Year: 2003
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