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management consulting in practice
Management Consulting in Practice
by Fiona Czerniawska and Paul May ISBN:0749442816
Kogan Page 2004 (303 pages)

Through a series of case studies, this book presents best practices in consulting for contemporary management across all disciplines including change management, business strategy, outsourcing, operational performance and human resources.

Table of Contents
Management Consulting in Practice
Chapter 1 - The Power of Working Together
Chapter 2 - What Sets Excellent Consulting Apart?
Chapter 3 - Change Management
Chapter 4 - Human Resources
Chapter 5 - Operational Performance
Chapter 6 - Business Strategy
Chapter 7 - Technology Exploitation
Chapter 8 - Outsourcing
Chapter 9 - Electronic Trading
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List of Case Studies

Management Consulting in Practice. Award-Winning International Case Studies
Management consulting in practice; award-winning international case studies.
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