JavaCast (type, variable) 


Converts the data type of a ColdFusion variable to pass as an argument to an overloaded method of a Java object. Use only for scalar and string arguments. Can convert to the following types: Boolean, int, long, double, string.


 Within ColdFusion, you use the following code: <cfobject    type = java    CLASS = fooClass name = obj>    <!--- ColdFusion may treat this as a string or a real number --->    <cfset x = 33>    <!--- Perform an explicit cast to an int. --->    <cfset myInt = JavaCast("int", x)>    <cfset void = fooMethod(myInt)>    <!--- Perform an explicit cast to a string. --->    <cfset myString = javaCast("String", x)>    <cfset void = fooMethod(myString)>  </cfobject>  

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