<cfsearch name = "search_name"          collection = "collection_name"          type = "criteria"          criteria = "search_expression"          maxRows = "number"          startRow = "row_number"          language = "language"> 


For use with the Verity search engine, this tag does a search against data that is indexed in a Verity collection. A collection must exist and be indexed before this tag can return search results.


name (Required)

Name of the search query. For a registered collection, specify the collection name. For an unregistered collection, specify an absolute path.

collection (Required)

Path(s) and/or registered collection name(s). Registered names are listed in ColdFusion Administrator, Verity Collections, and Verity Server pages.

type (Optional)

Default: simple

  • simple. STEM and MANY operators are used.

  • explicit. Operators must be invoked explicitly.

criteria (Optional)

The search criteria, which follows the syntax rules of the type attribute. If you pass a mixed-case entry in this attribute, the search is case-sensitive. If you pass all uppercase or all lowercase, the search is non-case-sensitive.

maxRows (Optional)

Default: all. The maximum number of rows to return in the query results.

startRow (Optional)

Default: 1. First row number to get.

language (Optional)

Default: english. Languages other than English require the ColdFusion International Search Pack.

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