<cfselect name = "name"          required = "Yes" or "No"          message = "text"          onError = "text"          size = "integer"          multiple = "Yes" or "No"          query = "queryname"          selected = "column_value"          value = "text"          display = "text"          passThrough = "HTML_attributes">  </cfselect> 


In a CFFORM, this tag creates a drop-down list. You can populate the list from a query or by using the HTML option tag. If you use a query to populate the list you can have the data persist by using the preserveData attribute.


name (Required)

Name of the form.

size (Optional)

Number of entries in the drop-down list.

required (Optional)

Default: No. If Yes, a list element must be selected before the form is submitted.

message (Optional)

Message to display if required = "Yes" and no selection is made.

onError (Optional)

Custom JavaScript function to execute if validation fails

multiple (Optional)

Default: No. If Yes, enables the selection of multiple elements in the drop-down list

query (Optional)

Name of a query to use to populate data in the drop-down list.

selected (Optional)

The value that is selected in drop-down list when it is created. This attribute can be used only with a query.

value (Optional)

Used with the query attribute, this gives a column name for the values list.

display (Optional)

Value of the value attribute.

passThrough (Optional)

HTML attribute(s) that are not explicitly supported by CFSELECT. If you specify an attribute and its value, they are passed to HTML code that is generated for CFSELECT tag.

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