<cfmodule          template = "path"          name = "tag_name"          attributeCollection = "collection_structure"          attribute_name1 = "valuea"          attribute_name2 = "valueb"  ...> 


Calls custom tags for use in applications without the possibility of name conflicts.


template (Required unless name attribute is used)

A path to the page that implements the tag.

  • Relative path. Expanded from the current page.

  • Absolute path. Expanded using ColdFusion mapping.

name (Required unless template attribute is used)

A custom tag name in the form "Name.Name.Name ...".

attributeCollection (Optional)

This creates a structure for collecting value pairs that are generated by the tag.

attribute_name (Optional)

Use this attribute to specify any parameters that the custom tag may need. Use this attribute as many times as necessary.

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