<cfobject          type = "com/component/corba/Java/webservice"          action = "action/NA/NA/Create"          class = "program_ID/NA/c:\\myobject.ior/Java class/ "          name = "text/variable name/GetName/object name/"          context = "context/NA/IOR/NA/NA"          server = "server_name"(type = "com")          component = "component"(type = "compoent")> 


Used to create and manipulate component object model (COM) objects, CFCs, webservice objects, and Java and Enterprise JavaBeans. This can also be used to call a method on a registered Common Object Request Broker Architecture (CORBA) object.

This tag may be disabled under ColdFusion basic security in the ColdFusion Administrator. On UNIX, this tag does not support COM objects.


cfobject type = "com"

action (Required)

  • create. Instantiates a COM object (typically a DLL) before invoking methods or properties.

  • connect. Connects to a COM object (typically an EXE) running on the server.

class (Required)

Component ProgID for the object to invoke.

name (Required)

A name for the instantiated component.

context (Optional)


On Windows: If not specified, uses Registry setting.

server (Required if context = "Remote")

Server name, using Universal Naming Convention (UNC) or Domain Name Serve (DNS) convention, in one of these forms: \\lanserver,, or

cfobject type = "component"

name (Required)

A name for the instantiated component.

component (Required)

Name of component to instantiate.

cfobject type = "corba"

context (Required)

  • IOR. ColdFusion uses Interoperable Object Reference (IOR) to access a CORBA server.

  • NameService. ColdFusion uses naming service to access a server. This option is valid only with the InitialContext of a VisiBroker Orb.

class (Required)

If context = "IOR", this is name of file that contains string-formatted version of IOR. ColdFusion must be able to read this file. If context = "NameService", this is the period-delimited naming context for the naming service (for example, IBM.Dept.Doc.empobject).

name (Required)

A name for the instantiated component. An application uses it to reference the CORBA object's methods and attributes.

locale (Optional)

Sets arguments for a call to init_orb. Use of this attribute is specific to VisiBroker orbs. It is available on C++,Version 3.2. The value must be in the form locale = " -ORBagentAddr -ORBagentPort 19000".

cfobject type = "java"

action (Required)

create: Creates a Java or WebLogic Environment object.

class (Required)

Java class.

name (Required)

A name for the instantiated component.

cfobject type = "webservice"

webservice (Required)

URI of the web service.

action (Required)

Action to take with the web service.

name (Required)

A name for the web service.

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