Technique 56. Pdf Presentation

Technique #56. Pdf Presentation

This built-in function lets you create self-running slide shows that anyone can view with the Adobe Acrobat Reader. With one important step during its creation, you can ensure that your images are secure.

Step One.

In Bridge, select the photos you want to include in your PDF slide show. (Commandclick [PC: Control-click] on each image to select multiple images.)

Step Two.

From the Tools menu, choose Photoshop>PDF Presentation. The first time you use this dialog you'll probably have to change the Output Options to Presentation. (Even though it's called PDF Presentation, the default choice is Multi-Page Document. Go figure.) In Presentation Options, set the delay between slides, turn on the Loop After Last Page checkbox if you want, and pick a transition effect.

If you decide at this point to change the order of the images in the presentation, you can click-and-drag to change the order of the files in the list. Needless to say, it would be more effective (and more visual) to set the order in Bridge before you run the command.

Step Three.

Click Save and name the PDF file. In the subsequent Save Adobe PDF dialog, you'll set the options for the PDF file. First, choose Smallest File Size from the Adobe PDF Preset pop-up menu (this assumes you want to email a small fileof course, you can create larger PDF files if you want).

Step Four.

To create a PDF file of your images that can only be viewed (not saved in another format or printed), click on Security in the list on the left side of the dialog and, under Permissions, turn on the Use a Password to Restrict Printing, Editing and Other Tasks checkbox. Enter a Permissions Password and leave the other options as they are (Printing Allowed: None, Changes Allowed: None, and the two Enable checkboxes turned off).

After clicking Save PDF, you'll be asked to confirm the password you just created.

A PDF file will be created that can be emailed and opened in Acrobat Reader or Acrobat Pro. When the file is opened, the slide show will automatically run, and after pressing Escape to end the show, the Print option will be grayed out.


One common complaint about Photoshop's PDF Presentation is that you cannot automatically add filenames to each image. flanks to my buddy Matt Kloskowski, now you can with a script you can download from

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