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-t command-line option 
tables, formatting with HTML shortcuts 
tabs  [See whitespace]
tags, HTML  [See HTML]
tailwtmp program 
taint mode 
tan( ) 
tc( ) 
tcapdemo program 
tcgrep program 
TCP protocol
    communicating over 
    writing clients for 
    writing servers for 
TCP_NODELAY socket option 
tctee program 
tear-off menus 
tell( ) 
telnet, simulating from programs 
tempfile( ) 
Template Toolkit 
    data structures 
    other templates 
    Perl code 
template( ) 
        Mason syntax 
    for modules 
    Template Toolkit 
        data structures 
        other templates 
        Perl code 
temporary files, modifying files
Term::ANSIColor module 
Term::Cap module  2nd 
Term::ReadKey module 
    checking for waiting input 
    determining window size 
    reading from keyboard 
    reading passwords 
Term::ReadLine module 
Term::ReadLine::Gnu module 
terminal  [See user interfaces]
termios interface 
text  [See also strings][See also strings]
    adding to images 
    changing color 
    editors, support for Unicode fonts 
    XML as 
Text::Abbrev module  2nd 
Text::Balanced module  2nd 
Text::CSV module 
Text::CSV_File module 
Text::Diff module 
Text::Metaphone module 
Text::ParseWords module 
Text::Soundex module 
Text::Tabs module 
Text::Template module 
Text::Wrap module 
tie( ) 
    DBM files
        making and using 
Tie::Array module 
Tie::File module  2nd  3rd 
    files as arrays 
Tie::Handle module 
Tie::Hash module 
Tie::IxHash module 
Tie::RefHash module 
Tie::Scalar module 
tilde (~), in filenames, expanding 
time  [See date and time values]
time zones  [See date and time values]
time( ) 
    high-res timers 
Time::gmtime module  2nd 
Time::HiRes module  2nd 
Time::Local module  2nd 
Time::localtime module 
Time::timelocal module 
Time::tm module 
timegm( )  2nd 
timelocal( )  2nd 
timers, high-resolution 
timing out operations 
Tk toolkit 
    dialog boxes 
    DOS shell window, removing 
    resize events 
    tkshufflepod program 
tkshufflepod program 
toString( ), XML documents 
tr/// operator 
    converting case with 
    growing files 
    whitespace, removing 
transformations, XML 
trapping undefined function calls 
traversing hashes 
tree structures 
    operating in degrees vs. radians 
trim( ) 
truncate( ) 
tty devices, testing for 
typed referents 
typeglobs  2nd 
    assigning references to 
    filehandles with, creating alias for 
    global values 

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