Section 8.6. Chapter Summary

8.6. Chapter Summary

This chapter presented a high-level overview of device driver basics and how they fit into the architecture of a Linux system. Armed with the basics, readers new to device drivers can jump into one of the excellent texts devoted to device driver writers. Consult Section 8.6.1 for references.

  • Device drivers enforce a rational separation between unprivileged user applications and critical kernel resources such as hardware and other devices, and present a well-known unified interface to applications.

  • The minimum infrastructure to load a device driver is only a few lines of code. We presented this minimum infrastructure and built on the concepts to a simple shell of a driver module.

  • Device drivers configured as loadable modules can be inserted into and removed from a running kernel after kernel boot.

  • Module utilities are used to manage the insertion, removal, and listing of device driver modules. We covered the details of the module utilities used for these functions.

  • Device nodes on your file system provide the glue between your userspace application and the device driver.

  • Driver methods implement the familiar open, read, write, and close functionality commonly found in UNIX/Linux device drivers. This mechanism was explained by example, including a simple user application to exercise these driver methods.

  • We concluded this chapter with an introduction to the relationship between kernel device drivers and the Open Source GNU Public License.

8.6.1. Suggestions for Additional Reading

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