Section 186. Browse Blogs

186. Browse Blogs


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187 Comment on Other People's Blogs

From the Dashboard , you can also browse through what the Blogger staff thinks are currently the most interesting blogs. This will give you the same sorts of ideas that you got when you browsed through the blogs in 182 Build a Blog Through the Wizard .

The sites linked there change all the time, so what you see won't be what I see here today, but you should glance through some of them and look for the techniques that you think make them stand out.

Click on One of the Blogs of Note

I went to the scifidaily site (http://scifidaily. blogspot .com/) because it was near the top of the list today. You will have a different set of blogs to choose from because they are added every few days.

On the site, there are a few things I see that are worth noting and probably are on the blog you selected to look at.

Look for a Mission Statement

Look for a mission statement on the blog you clicked on. At the top of the scifidaily blog, there is a mission statement of what the blog is there for: "The latest news, reviews, diatribes, and banter on science- fiction /fantasy films , TV shows, etc ‚ ."

Having a mission statement will let your viewers know what to expect on your blog and can set the tone for their involvement by asking them to participate in the discussions. To do that, the people at scifidaily have even posted instructions to teach viewers about the different ways to comment on the articles.

Check Whether the Site Is Hosted at

Blogs can be hosted on either your site or at Check in the address bar of your browser to see whether the site is hosted at the Blogspot server instead of at one of the sites belonging to the hosts . You have set your site to be hosted via FTP , but you are going to be able to change it to publish at in a later task.

186. Browse Blogs

From the Dashboard, Click on One of the Recently Updated Blogs

Unlike the Blogs of Note , which are recommended by the Blogger community, the Recently Updated blogs are the ones that have just received an update or a new post. You can click through these, but remember that the subject matter and the content are as varied as there are people on the Web.

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