Section 187. Comment on Other People s Blogs

187. Comment on Other People's Blogs


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One of the points of blogging is that you can comment on people's postings. You can interact with the postings and the owner of the site can have a directed discussion with you and with others. To interact, though, you need to post comments on sites.

Go to http://tacoposting. blogspot .com

This is the site I have set up for you to post comments to. You will note that the site is set up on Using this site will enable you to mess around and not bother anyone with a full-scale blog with a community already posting and commenting to it.

Click on the Comments Link

The example comments for the posting are shown.

Click on the Post a Comment Link

This looks like the second time that you have to click on the Comment link. Let me explain. The first time you clicked the link, you came to the page to review current comments for this blog. The second time you click on the Comment link, you are taken to the form at Blogger , where you can enter your comment on the post.

Fill Out Your Comment and Publish It

You can add what you like to a posting, including HTML source code. When you're finished, click the Publish Your Comment button to post your comment.

Go Back to the Blog and Look at the Comment You Added

It might take a moment for the comment to appear. If it doesn't, you can click on the Refresh button in the browser and it should show.

187. Comment on Other People's Blogs

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