Section 185. Read Blogger News

185. Read Blogger News


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188 Set Your Blogger Profile

After you have an idea of how to build a blog, you have a whole "blogosphere" to explore with ideas and techniques. One of the best places to find information on blogging and specifically on Blogger is, of course, the Blogger site. You are going to look at the Blogger Dashboard in depth in the next chapter, but we'll take a quick look now so that you can explore the news before you go on with more techniques.

Log In to Your Blog

You are now on the Dashboard . You will go through this more in upcoming tasks .

Scroll down to the Blogger News section.

This is the area of the Dashboard where Blogger posts its news articles. The articles changesome are more interesting than others and some are aimed at different levels of users. When I wrote this chapter, there was a link to the news about the word blog being the number one word of the year; a link to, where you can buy a Learning Blogger CD-ROM; and a link to a book on blogging by a luminary of the blogging community.

Click on the Blogger Knowledge Link

The Blogger Knowledge page has some duplication with the Blogger news on the Dashboard , but there is a list of the latest knowledge items that you can browse.

Across the middle of the page, there are also links to Blogger Basics and Working with Blogger , which is a tutorial and help site, and a link to advanced use and support.

Go Back to the Dashboard

All your reference information is accessible from the Dashboard .

Click on the Link to Blogger Help

On the Blogger Help page, you'll find answers to the top questions about using Blogger . There is an article search, and topics are broken out by section in the main area of the page.

185. Read Blogger News

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