Section 181. Create an Account at

181. Create an Account at


180 About Blogging


182 Build a Blog Through the Wizard

After you have an idea of the things that can be done in blogs in general, you need to pick a service. There are a lot of different ones: Microsoft (, TypePad (, ( blogs /), and many others offer yearly or monthly subscriptions or are free. When you are ready to do your blog, you should look at the different services. For this task and the others in this book, you are going to use Blogger , which can be found at

181. Create an Account at

Go to

Blogger is one of the original blogging tools and is used today by many of the most popular blogs. It is easy to use and powerful enough to do most anything you want with your blog.

Take the Blogger Quick Tour

The Quick Tour gives you a really good idea of what blogging is all about and lets you see the features available to you in the program. Some of these features include being able to post from an email through instant blogging with the BlogThis! button, and using AudioBlogger , which lets you blog over the phone to your site and makes your call available as an MP3 audio file from your site.

Click on the Create a Blog Now Button

Click on the Create a Blog Now button. The first thing you need to do with Blogger is to create an account for yourself. This is a lot like creating an account anywhere . You'll need a username, a password, a regular name that people can call you, and your email address.

Accept the Terms of Service

To create the account, you have to accept the terms of service. When you click on the Continue button, you will have created your account. After you have your account set up, the wizard will continue on to create your first blog, which you are going to do in the next task.

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