Section 145. Track Your Auction

145. Track Your Auction


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After you create your auction, you don't really have to do anything except wait until it closes . But what fun would that be? Part of the auction experience is the chase as well as collecting money, so if you're selling at least partially for fun, you'll want to track your auction as people bid.

Even if you're not tracking it for fun, you should know who your high bidder is. Here's how to track your auction and get details on the high bidder.

Go to My eBay

Your My eBay account includes automated tracking of all your auctions. This feature is particularly useful if you are selling items in more than one auction. To get to your My eBay page, click My eBay at the top of any eBay page. If you haven't already signed in to eBay, you are asked to provide your member ID and password before you can see your My eBay page.

Go to the Selling Section

My eBay tracks all your eBay activities, not just what you're selling. To see the live auctions you're currently hosting, click the Selling tab in My eBay . You see a list of all your current live auctions, including the starting price, current price, number of bids, start date, end date, and time leftin essence, all the relevant information about each auction.


Under the list of your current auctions is a line of information totaling the starting price, current price, reserve price, quantity, and number of bids for all your auctions.

145. Track Your Auction

Show Unsold Items and Pending Items

You can see a list of any unsold items (items you tried to sell at an auction but didn't sell) and your pending items (items you've scheduled to sell at a later datein other words, items for which you completed the auction form but said that the auction should not start yet).

Scroll down to the Unsold Items and Pending Items sections of the Selling tab; in the text box, enter the number of past days for which you want to display unsold items (or the number of days in the future for which you want to see pending items) and click Go .

Go to Your Auction Page

The Selling tab of your My eBay page doesn't include who the current high bidder is for your auction. To find that information, go to your auction page. To get there, click the link to the auction in the Items I'm Selling section of the Selling tab.

Your auction page opens, and you see a message telling you the status of your auctionfor example, that a new high bid has been entered. Scroll down the page until you see the name of the high bidder. You can also see how many people have visited your page if you've put a counter on the page. (For information about including counters, see 135 Choose Auction Extras .)

Get Information About the High Bidder

For information about the high bidder, click the bidder's name where it appears on the auction page. You see the email address and user ID history, which tells you whether this bidder has previously changed her ID.

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