Section 137. Review and Post Your Auction

137. Review and Post Your Auction


136 Set Payment and Shipping Options


145 Track Your Auction

The hard work is done; you're almost there. It's time to finally post your auction. Here's how to do it:

Review Your Auction's Appearance

If you haven't started to fill out the Sell Your Item form yet, back up to 129 Start the Sell Form and Choose a Category to learn how to begin the process of creating an auction listing; finish up with 136 Set Payment and Shipping Options .

When you click the Continue button from the Payment & Shipping page, you see a preview of what your auction will look like on the Review & Submit page. Look it over carefully to ensure your auction listing looks how you want it to look. If you want to edit the picture, click the Edit Pictures link next to the picture. To edit the auction title, click the Edit Title & Subtitle link at the top of the page. To edit the auction description, click the Edit Description link near the top of the page.

137. Review and Post Your Auction

Review Your Auction Options

The preview page shows you a Listing Summary Table with every aspect of your auction, from the category to title and description, picture and details, and payment and shipping. To change any of your options, click the Edit link next to that option; when you're done editing, click the Save Changes button at the bottom of the page to return to the Review & Submit page.

Check Your Listing Prices

At the bottom of the Review & Submit page are your individual listing fees along with the total listing fee you have to pay. Keep in mind that this total doesn't include your final value fee. For information about calculating your final value fee, go to 127 Determine Your Selling Price and Estimate Your Selling Fees .

Post the Auction

When you've edited everything to your satisfaction, click the Submit Listing button.


Make absolutely sure that everything is the way you want it before posting your auction. After it's posted, you might not be able to retrieve it to edit it.

Check Your Confirmation

After you click the Submit Listing button, you receive a confirmation that your auction has been created. Included in this notice is an item number. Copy that number down for future reference (and so you can get back to the auction). The confirmation notice also contains a link you can click to go to your auction.

Check Your Auction

After you receive confirmation, immediately click the link to view your auction. You want to verify that the auction is exactly the way you want it. When you click the URL link, you go to your auction page and see it as the rest of the world will.

Check every aspect of your completed auction. Overlooking things on forms is easy, and this is the first time you'll see your auction listing the way the world sees it. If you find any errors, you might have time to fix them. If no bids have come inand they shouldn't have because you created the auction only moments ago and it probably isn't visible yetyou can still correct them. To fix any errors, click the Revise Your Item link in the upper-right portion of the page.


It can take up to several hours for the auction to show up on eBay, although it also can be posted immediately. If your link doesn't work at first, click it again after an hour or so. Remember that if you specified a date and time for your auction to appear, it won't appear until then, so don't bother to check ahead of time.

Shortly after creating an auction, you get an email notice from eBay telling you that your auction has been made live and giving you all the vital information about the auction. Keep or print that email for future reference.

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