Section 95. Correct Red Eye

95. Correct Red Eye


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98 Awaken Tired Eyes

When used properly, a camera flash can help lighten shadows and illuminate an otherwise dark image. Unfortunately, using a flash might sometimes have unintended effects, such as red eye . In nonhuman subjects such as dogs or cats, the result might be "glassy eye" rather than red eye. No matter; you remove it in the same way: with PSP's Red-eye Removal command.

This task explains how to remove red eye in Paint Shop Pro; however, you can also remove red eye using Photo Album, if you have that program. Open the image in the Image View window, zoom in on the eye you want to fix, click the arrow on the Red Eye button, and choose One Click Removal . The pointer changes to a circle cross-haircenter this cursor on the red area of the eye and click. If you would rather paint the red out manually, click the arrow on the Red Eye button and choose Red Eye Brush . Adjust the width of the brush by selecting Brush Width from the Red Eye menu. Then drag over the red to paint the pupil black. If you have to repaint part of the iris, change the brush color by choosing the Brush Color command from the Red Eye menu. To paint the glint back in, choose Highlight Brush from the Red Eye menu and click the pupil.


Red eye An effect caused when a camera flash is reflected by the retina at the back of the eye. It isn't an optical illusion; you're actually photographing a fully illuminated retina in its natural colorbright red.


When you're shooting your photograph, you can avoid giving your subjects red eye by separating the flash unit from the camera (if possible), or telling your subjects to not look directly at the camera. Some cameras have a red-eye reduction feature, which causes the flash to go off several times. The first series of flashes at lower intensity cause the pupil to contract, thus blocking the reflection, whereas the final flash at full intensity illuminates the subject for the picture.

Choose Adjust, Red-eye Removal

Choose Adjust, Red-eye Removal from the menu bar. The Red-eye Removal dialog box appears.

As you make adjustments, the corrections appear in the right preview pane of the Red-eye Removal dialog box.

95. Correct Red Eye

Select Eye to Adjust

Zoom in on the eye you want to adjust using the Zoom In and Select Area buttons . Change the portion of the image shown in the right preview by dragging if needed.

Open the Method list and choose Auto Human Eye if you're adjusting a human eye, or Auto Animal Eye if you're adjusting a cat, dog, or other animal eye. In the left preview window, click in the absolute center of the pupil . A circle-guide appears; drag this guide until it touches the outer rim of the iris . For an animal, select only the pupil.

If the pupil shape is not perfectly round, you might have better luck selecting it manually. Choose Freehand Pupil Outline from the Method list and draw around the pupil, or choose Point-to-Point and click along the pupil's edge.


Pupil The black center of the eye that adjusts in size based on the amount of ambient light.

Iris The colored part of the eye; typically brown, blue, or green.

Choose Iris Color

For a human eye, open the Hue list and choose the person's actual iris color. Then open the Color list and choose the variation of that eye color that matches the person's natural color. For an animal, choose a variation from the Color list only.

Refine the Correction

To adjust how much of the guide circle is painted with the iris color, drag the Refine slider. If you drag with the Refine slider all the way to the right, PSP paints a whole, round iris, even if it overlaps part of the eyelid. By dragging toward the left, you can prevent part of the eyelid from being painted. You might move the Refine slider to the left in a half-opened eye.

Adjust Pupil lightness, Glint lightness, Glint size , and Iris size as needed. Position the glint in the center of the pupil by enabling the Center glint check box. Add a Feather to the outside of the pupil or Blur the outer edge of the iris if desired by specifying values in these fields.


Glint A tiny reflection of light that appears on the pupil.

Repeat for Second Eye and Click OK

Repeat steps 2 through 4 to select and correct the pupil of the second eye and then click OK to apply the correction.

View the Result

The red eye is gone, and with a bit of sharpening, we're left with a cute baby just waking up from his nap.

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