Section 96. Remove Freckles and Minor Blemishes

96. Remove Freckles and Minor Blemishes


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Almost everyone has certain ‚ cosmetic distinctions that help identify and even glamorize a person. However, if they're the temporary kind, you might not want a permanent record of them. Sometimes a perfectly good photograph is marred by minor distractions such as a few blemishes, a mole, a cold sore, or a few wrinkles just beginning to show. Is it vain to want to fix nature? Perhaps, but don't let that stop youespecially when it's so easy.

You can use the Clone Brush to paint away minor defects in a photograph by copying good pixels from some other area. But the process is tedious and often easily detectable. In this task, you'll use a quicker method.

Duplicate Background Layer

Open the image you want to repair and then click the Duplicate Layer button on the Layer palette. Name the new layer Unblurred .

Blur Background Layer

Change to the Background layer and select Adjust, Blur, Blur More from the menu.


To see the blurred Background layer, hide the top layer temporarily by clicking its eye button on the Layer palette.

For very large images such as those at 1048x1478 resolution, the Blur More filter might not do enough to blur the layer. In such cases, try the Gaussian Blur filter ( Adjust, Blur, Gaussian Blur ).

96. Remove Freckles and Minor Blemishes

Erase Blemishes

On the Layer palette, change to the Unblurred layer; click the Eraser tool. Adjust the Size value so that the eraser is slightly bigger than the blemish you want to remove. Soften the edge a bit by setting Hardness to 50 and Density to 80. Then click the blemish with the eraser, revealing the blurred layer beneath .

Merge All Layers

After erasing all the minor imperfections, merge the layers into one by choosing Layers, Merge, Merge All (Flatten) .

View the Result

There, that's better. We didn't erase the detail and character of the face, just improved it a bit. Look for this in the Color Gallery section in this book.

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