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Java™ 2 Primer Plus
By Steven Haines, Steve Potts

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Appendix B.  Sun One Studio 4 (Forte), Community Edition

To obtain a free copy of Forte, go to the Web page. A link to either Forte or to Sun One Studio. If not, follow the Application Development link to locate the product.

Because Web sites change so often, it is not likely that the step-by-step procedures used in this chapter will be identical to the ones that you will use. It will probably be similar enough to be of some value to you, however.

From the download page,, choose the Application Development option. This will take you to Move to the bottom of the page and choose either download or download in a bundle with J2SE 1.4. Because our test machine does not yet have J2SE 1.4, we will download the bundle.

You will be led to a page where you specify your platform and natural language preferences. Make sure that you scroll down to the section where you download both the J2SE and the Sun One Studio 4. You will then be taken to a license page. If you accept the license agreement, you will proceed to a page with a link that will enable you to start the download.

On our test machine, we downloaded a file called j2sdk-1_4_0-forte_ce-4-bin-windows.exe to the c:\download directory.


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