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daily backups
Dark Avenger virus
data encryption
     WiFi routers
data restoration
     Backup utility
     restore points
         dates, selecting
     Restore Wizard (Advanced)
data transfers
     FTP, blocking
data transmission speeds (Ethernet)
Default DMZ Server check box (WAN Setup page)
Delete Keyword button (Block Sites page)
Delete Service button (Port Forwarding/Port Triggering Configuration Page)
Delete the account task (User Accounts window)
desktop (Windows XP)
     icons, adding
     My Computer window, attaching icons to
     notification area
     Quick Launch toolbar
desktop computers
     network adapter connections
     network adapter installations
     PCI slots
     upgradability, determining
     USB slots
     WiFi upgrades, network adapters
Details view (My Documents folder)
Device Manager
     drivers, updating
     hardware, locating
     network adapters
         checking installation
     network connectivity, troubleshooting
DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) clients
DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) servers
     IP addresses
     WiFi routers
differential backups
digital pictures as user account pictures
directly connected printers
Disable SPI Firewall option (WAN Setup page)
DMZ (demilitarized zones) 2nd
DNS (Domain Name System) servers
     Obtain DNS server address automatically option (Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) Properties dialog)
     wireless routers, configuring 2nd
DNS (Domain Name System) suffixes, computer names
Documents (word processing, spreadsheet, etc.) search option (Search window)
DOS (Denial-of-Service) attacks
Drive drop-down list (Backup Wizard (Advanced))
drive sharing 2nd
     CD/DVD drives
     mapped drives
     shares, accessing
     USB drives
     rolling back
     updating 2nd
DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) broadband connections
DSL modems, troubleshooting network connectivity
DVD/CD backups
Dynamic setting (Power Saving feature)

Home Wireless Networking in a Snap
Home Wireless Networking in a Snap
ISBN: 0672327023
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2007
Pages: 158
Authors: Joe Habraken

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