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Jump in anywhere! Find the task or technique you want to learn from this list (for example, About Configuring the Wireless Router). Note the number in the blue tab (, in this case). And then just flip through the book until you find that same number on the side of one of the pages.

Each short lesson lists any techniques that might be good to know as background (Before You Begin) as well as other lessons that might be related or that might give you more information ( See Also). Have fun!


CHAPTER 1: Start Here PAGE 3

CHAPTER 2: Navigating Windows XP PAGE 19

About the Windows XP Environment

Navigate the Windows Desktop and Start Menu

Browse and Search for Files and Folders

About My Network Places

Use the Control Panel

View the Windows Security Center

Get Help in Windows

About Windows Update

Use Windows Update

CHAPTER 3: Sharing a Home Computer PAGE 41

About Sharing a Windows XP Computer

Create a User Account

Change the Account Picture

Password Protect a User Account

Change the Account Type

Configure a .NET Passport for a User Account

Log On to Windows

Switch Users

Delete a User Account


CHAPTER 4: Installing and Configuring the Wireless Router PAGE 67

About Installing the Wireless Router

Install the Router

About Configuring the Wireless Router

Access Router Configuration

About Internet Settings

Configure Internet Settings

About Wireless Settings

Configure Router Wireless Settings

CHAPTER 5: Installing and Configuring Wireless Adapters PAGE 91

About Wireless Network Adapters

Determine Upgradeability of Current Computers

Install a Wireless Adapter

Install Adapter Software Utility

Check WiFi Adapter Installation

About Configuring the Wireless Adapter

Configure Adapter and Connect to the Wireless Router

Configure Adapter for Computer-to-Computer Networking

Create Configuration Profiles

About Updating an Adapter Driver

CHAPTER 6: Configuring the Windows Home Network PAGE 123

About Configuring PCs for Networking

Run the Network Setup Wizard

Name the Computer and Join a Workgroup

Open Connections Properties and Enable Client, Protocols, and Services

Add a Network Client or Service

Configure TCP/IP Settings

Check WiFi Adapter Status

Verify Workgroup Membership and Access Network Neighborhood


CHAPTER 7: Sharing Network Resources PAGE 155

About Sharing Network Resources

Share a Printer

Share a Folder

About Accessing Network Resources

Access Shared Folders and Open Shared Files

Map a Network Drive

Connect to a Shared Printer

Search for Network Computers

Add a Network Place

CHAPTER 8: Filtering Content and Enabling Game Services PAGE 183

About Content Filtering and Opening Ports

Block Access to Websites

Block Access to Internet Services

Set Up a Filter Schedule

Configure Port Forwarding and Port Triggering

CHAPTER 9: Taking Advantage of Wireless Hotspots PAGE 211

About Wireless Hotspots

Use the Web to Locate Hotspots

Detect WiFi Hotspots and Connect

Fine-Tune Hotspot Connection Parameters

About Wardriving


CHAPTER 10: Protecting Your System and Data PAGE 231

About Backing Up and Restoring Data

Use the Windows Backup Wizard

Use Advanced Backup Features

Restore Backed Up Data

Create a System Restore Point

Restore the System

CHAPTER 11: Securing the Wireless Network PAGE 265

About Basic Network Security

About Firewalls

Configure Router Firewall Settings

Change Router Password

Back Up Router Configuration

Turn Off Server Set IDs (SSIDs) Broadcasts

About 802.11 Security Strategies

Configure Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) Security

Configure WiFi Protected Access (WPA) Security

About Network Interface MAC Addresses

Create a WiFi Network MAC Access List

Configure Remote Management

CHAPTER 12: Protecting the Wireless Network PAGE 305

About Malware

Use Antivirus Software

Update Antivirus Software

Activate the Windows XP Security Center

About Spyware

Install AntiSpyware

Use AntiSpyware

About Spam Email and Outlook Express

Configure Outlook Express Rules

CHAPTER 13: Troubleshooting and Monitoring Network Connections PAGE 333

About Network Connection Problems

Reset WiFi Adapter

Check Router Status

View Attached Devices

View Router Log

About Command-Line Tools

Use Command-Line Tools

About Upgrading Router Firmware and Adapter Drivers

Home Wireless Networking in a Snap
Home Wireless Networking in a Snap
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