Printing the Publication

No matter how hard you work on the color and design parameters of your publication, the final judge of your skills will be the actual printout of the publication. To print your publication, follow these steps:

  1. Select the File menu, and then select Print . The Print dialog box appears (see Figure 11.2).

    Figure 11.2. Select your print settings in the Print dialog box.


  2. If necessary, click the Name drop-down box and select the printer to which you want to send the print job.

  3. Set the page range of the printout, if necessary.

  4. Use the Number of Copies click box to specify the number of copies.

  5. Click OK to send the print job to the selected printer.


Print Quickly with the Print Button graphics/print.gif You can send your publication directly to the printer and bypass the Print dialog box. Click the Print button on the toolbar.

Your publication is printed. In cases where you send your publication to an outside printing service, you will also have to work with the various advanced print options (discussed in the next section) to prepare the publication for printing.

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Microsoft Office 2003 All-in-One
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