Correcting Data

You've taken a look at entering text, values, formulas, and functions. There will definitely be occasions when you need to edit information in a cell. One way to change an entry in a cell is to replace it by selecting the cell and then entering new data. Just press Enter after entering the information. If you just want to modify the existing cell content, you can also edit data within a cell.

To edit information in a cell, follow these steps:

  1. Select the cell in which you want to edit data.

  2. To begin editing, click in the Formula bar to place the insertion point into the cell entry. To edit within the cell itself, press F2 or double-click the cell. This puts you in Edit mode; the word Edit appears in the status bar.

  3. Press the right- or left-arrow key to move the insertion point within the entry. Press the Backspace key to delete characters to the left of the insertion point; press the Delete key to delete characters to the right. Then, type any characters you want to add.

  4. Press the Enter key when you have finished making your changes.

  5. If you change your mind and you no longer want to edit your entry, click the Cancel button on the Formula bar or press Esc .


Moving to the Beginning or End of a Cell Entry In Edit mode, you can quickly move to the beginning or end of a cell's contents. Press Home to move to the beginning of the entry; press End to move to the end of the entry.

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