Creating a Recurring Task

You can also create recurring tasks . For example, you might always have to hand in a weekly report every Friday; so why not schedule a recurring task that always reminds you to get that Friday report completed?

  1. Double-click the Tasks Pad to open a new task window.

  2. Enter the subject and other details of the task into the appropriate boxes.

  3. graphics/recurrence.jpg To make the task a recurring task, click the Recurrence button on the Task toolbar. The Task Recurrence dialog box opens.

  4. You can set the recurrence of the task for Daily, Weekly, Monthly, or Yearly. After selecting an appropriate recurrence, such as Weekly, select how often the recurrence of the task occurs (see Figure 14.2).

    Figure 14.2. Set the recurrence pattern for a recurring appointment.


  5. When you have finished setting the recurrence options, click OK to return to the task window.

  6. Click Save and Close to save the new task. Recurring tasks are labeled in the task folder by a small circular arrow icon (letting you know that the task recurs ).

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