Entering a Task

You can use the Tasks folder to create and manage tasks that you need to accomplish and don't want to forget about. You can list due dates, the status of a task, task priorities, and even set reminder alarms so your PC can keep you from forgetting a task entered in the list. To open the Tasks folder, click the Tasks button on the Navigation pane.


Tasks List A tasks list is a list of things you must do to complete your work, such as plan for a meeting, arrange an event, and so on. Various tasks might include making a phone call, writing a letter, printing a spreadsheet, or making airline reservations .

To enter a task, follow these steps:

  1. In the Tasks folder, click the New Task button on the toolbar or double-click any empty space on the Tasks list. The Untitled - Task dialog box appears (see Figure 14.1).

    Figure 14.1. Enter data such as the subject of the task, due dates, and the task's priority.



    Use the Menu to Start a New Task To start a new task from the Task folder menu, select Actions , New Task .

  2. On the Task tab, enter the subject of the task into the Subject box.

  3. Enter a date on which the task should be complete, or click the down arrow to open the Due Date drop-down calendar, and then choose a due date.

  4. Enter a start date, or click the down arrow to open the Start Date drop-down calendar, and then choose a start date.

  5. From the Status drop-down list, choose the current status of the project: Not Started, In Progress, Completed, Waiting on Someone Else , or Deferred .

  6. In the Priority drop-down list, choose Normal, Low , or High priority.

  7. In the % Complete text box, type a percentage or use the spinner arrows to enter one.

  8. (Optional) To set an alarm to remind you to start the task or complete the task, select the Reminder check box and enter a date and a time in the associated text boxes.

  9. Enter any comments, descriptions, or other information related to the task in the comments text box located beneath the Reminder fields.

  10. Click the Categories button and choose a category if you want to assign the task to a particular category, or enter your own category in the text box.


    Keeping a Task Private If you are using Outlook on a corporate network that uses Exchange Server, your folders are kept on the Exchange Server and, to a certain extent, their contents can be viewed by other users. Select the Private check box if you don't want others to see information about a task that you are creating.

  11. Click the Save and Close button when you're finished.


Create Tasks in the Calendar Folder You can also create tasks on the Task Pad of the Calendar folder. Double-click the Task Pad to start a new task.

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