Planning Events

In the Outlook Calendar, an event is any activity that lasts at least 24 hours, such as a trade show or a conference. You can plan an event in the Calendar program to block off larger time slots than you would for normal appointments. In addition, you can schedule recurring events (such as a monthly seminar you attend that lasts all day).

To schedule an event, choose Actions , and then select New All Day Event . The Event dialog box appears (see Figure 12.4; it looks similar to the New Appointment dialog box).

Figure 12.4. You can block out an entire day on the Calendar by scheduling an All Day Event.


Fill in the Subject, Location, Start Time , and End Time text boxes. Make sure the All Day Event check box is checked (that's the only difference between an event and an appointment). Click the Save and Close button to return to the Outlook Calendar. The appointment appears in gray at the beginning of the day for which you scheduled the event.

To schedule a recurring event, open a New All Day Event window and fill in the information as described earlier. To make the event recurring, click the Recurrence button in the Event window. The Event Recurrence dialog box opens; fill in the appropriate information and click OK (this dialog box is similar to the one for recurring appointments). Complete the information in the Event window, and then click the Save and Close button.

To edit an event or a recurring event, double-click the event in your calendar. As with a mail message or appointment, Outlook opens the event window so that you can change times, dates, or other details of the event.

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