Scheduling a Recurring Appointment

Suppose you have an appointment that comes around every week or month or that otherwise occurs on a regular basis. Instead of scheduling every individual occurrence of the appointment, you can schedule that appointment in your calendar as a recurring appointment.

To schedule a recurring appointment, follow these steps:

  1. With the Calendar selected on the Navigation pane, choose the Actions menu, and then New Recurring Appointment . The Appointment dialog box appears, and then the Appointment Recurrence dialog box appears on top of the Appointment dialog box (as shown in Figure 12.3).

    Figure 12.3. Schedule a recurring appointment once, and Outlook fills in the appointment for you throughout the Calendar.


  2. In the Appointment Time area, enter the Start and End times for the appointment. Outlook calculates the duration of the appointment for you.

  3. In the Recurrence Pattern area, indicate the frequency of the appointment: Daily, Weekly, Monthly , or Yearly . After you select one of these options, the rest of the Recurrence Pattern area changes to provide you with appropriate options, such as days of the week for a weekly recurring appointment or day-of-the-month options for a monthly recurring appointment.

  4. Enter the day and month, as well as any other options in the Recurrence Pattern area that are specific to your selection in step 3.

  5. In the Range of Recurrence area, enter appropriate time limits according to the following guidelines:

    • Start Choose the date on which the recurring appointments begin.

    • No End Date Choose this option if the recurring appointments are not on a limited schedule.

    • End After Choose this option and enter the number of appointments if there is a specific limit to the recurring appointments.

    • End By Choose this option and enter an ending date to limit the number of recurring appointments.

  6. Click OK to close the Appointment Recurrence dialog box. The Appointment dialog box appears.

  7. Fill in the Appointment dialog box using the steps in the "Creating an Appointment" section in this lesson. When you finish providing all the details for the recurring appointment, click the Save and Close button to return to the Calendar.

The recurring appointment appears in your calendar on the specified date and time. A recurring appointment contains a circular double-arrow icon to indicate that it is recurring.


Make Any Appointment Recurring If you have already started creating an appointment and then would like to make it recurring, click the Recurrence button on the appointment's toolbar. The Appointment Recurrence dialog box opens.

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