21. Add an Item to a Menu

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You can add items to the Programs menu (items cannot be added to the System menu). In particular, you can add programs or applets not currently present on the main Programs menu or its submenus. The procedure is similar to creating program icons for the desktop and the desktop panels; you use the Create Launcher dialog box to enter the information for the program icon.

Before You Begin

6 About the GNOME Desktop

8 Use the Menu System

20 Add an Item to a Panel

Select Submenu for New Icon

Open the Programs menu and then select the submenu where you want to place the new icon.

Open Create Launcher Dialog

Right-click on the submenu. Select Entire Menu on the shortcut menu that appears and then select Add New Item to This Menu. The Create Launcher dialog box opens.

Enter Information in Create Launcher Dialog

Enter the appropriate information in the Create Launcher dialog box (the program name and program command). Select an icon for the program (select the No Icon box). To create the new menu item, click OK. You can now access the program on the appropriate submenu using the new icon.


You may have to log out and then log in to see the changes that you have made (such as the adding of icons) to the NLD menu system.

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