Chapter 14. Managing Email and Contacts with Novell Evolution

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143 About Novell Evolution

144 Add an Email Account to Evolution

145 About Email and Evolution

146 Compose and Send Email

147 Send an Email with an Attachment

148 Receive and Reply to Email

149 Work with Received Email Attachments

150 Read, Sort, and Search Your Email

151 Organize Your Email

152 Use the Junk Mail Filter

153 Create Virtual Folders

154 About the Evolution Address Book

155 Create a New Contact

156 Edit an Existing Contact

157 Create Contact Lists

158 Search for Contacts

159 Use Categories to Group Contacts

160 Import Contacts

Keeping your various communications channels open and organized is essential no matter what your job. You need to keep your email organized, have quick access to contacts, make and keep appointments, and complete tasks on time.

Evolution is a groupware product designed for collaboration and communication between users and a personal information manager (PIM) that can serve as your email client, contact manager, and appointment calendar. Evolution provides an easy-to-use interface that makes it easy for you to take advantage of all its powerful features.

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