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Windows Vista in a Nutshell
By Preston Gralla
Publisher: O'Reilly
Pub Date: December 01, 2006
ISBN-10: 0-596-52707-1
ISBN-13: 978-0-596-52707-5
Pages: 800

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    Part I:  The Big Picture
      Chapter 1.  The Lay of the Land
      Section 1.1.  The Big Picture
      Section 1.2.  What's New in Windows Vista
      Section 1.3.  Windows Vista Editions
      Section 1.4.  Hardware Requirements
      Section 1.5.  Upgrading from Earlier Versions of Windows
      Chapter 2.  Using Windows Vista
      Section 2.1.  The Desktop
      Section 2.2.  Point-and-Click Operations
      Section 2.3.  Starting Up Applications
      Section 2.4.  Windows and Menus
      Section 2.5.  Keyboard Accelerators
      Section 2.6.  Common Controls
      Section 2.7.  Files, Folders, and Disks
      Section 2.8.  The Command Line
      Section 2.9.  Online Help
      Section 2.10.  Shutting Down
    Part II:  Nutshell Reference
      Chapter 3.  The User Interface
      Section 1.1.  Controlling the Interface
      Chapter 4.  Working with the Filesystem, Drives, Data, and Search
      Chapter 5.  Internet Explorer
      Section 5.1.  Security
      Chapter 6.  Windows Mail
      Chapter 7.  Networking, Wireless, and Mobility
      Section 7.1.  Networking 101
      Section 7.2.  Planning Your Network
      Section 7.3.  Setting Up a Network
      Section 7.4.  Wired and Wireless Connections, Management, and Configuration
      Section 7.5.  Sharing Resources and Files
      Section 7.6.  Network Applications
      Section 7.7.  Mobile Computing
      Section 7.8.  Networking and Internet Command-Line Tools
      Chapter 8.  Security
      Section 8.1.  General Security
      Section 8.2.  Internet Security
      Section 8.3.  Encryption
      Chapter 9.  Working with Hardware
      Chapter 10.  Managing Programs, Users, and Your Computer
      Section 10.1.  User Accounts and Computer Management
      Section 10.2.  Applications and Utilities
      Section 10.3.  Games
      Chapter 11.  Performance and Troubleshooting
      Section 11.1.  Performance, Maintenance, and Troubleshooting
      Section 11.2.  Startup
      Chapter 12.  Graphics and Multimedia
      Chapter 13.  The Registry
      Section 13.1.  What's in the Registry
      Section 13.2.  Adding and Deleting Registry Keys and Values
      Section 13.3.  Registry Protection in Windows Vista
      Section 13.4.  Organization of the Registry
      Section 13.5.  Hives
      Section 13.6.  Backing Up the Registry
      Section 13.7.  Exporting and Importing Registry Data with Patches
      Section 13.8.  Five Cool Things You Can Do in Your Registry
      Chapter 14.  The Command Prompt
      Section 14.1.  Using the Command Line
      Section 14.2.  Command Prompt Choices
      Section 14.3.  Wildcards, Pipes, and Redirection
      Section 14.4.  Batch Files
    Part III:  Appendixes
      Installing Windows Vista
      Section A.1.  Performing a Clean Install
      Section A.2.  Upgrading from a Previous Version of Windows
      Section A.3.  Windows Anytime Upgrade
      Section A.4.  Potential Problems During Setup
      Keyboard Shortcuts
      Section B.1.  Keyboard Accelerators Listed by Key
      Section B.2.  Keyboard Accelerators Listed by Function
      Keyboard Equivalents for Symbols and International Characters
      Common Filename Extensions
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