Chapter 7. Presentation

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Terms you'll need to understand:

  • Design template

  • Drawn object

  • Image

  • Master slide

  • Picture

  • Presentation

  • Slide

Techniques you'll need to master:

  • Opening and closing PowerPoint and presentations

  • Building slides with text, images, and other objects

  • Editing and formatting slides

  • Adding graphs and charts to slides

  • Adding special effects to a presentation

  • Printing a presentation

  • Delivering a presentation

Presentations are a fact of life in many business settings. When you're called on to organize and summarize information for an audience, you should think of a presentation application as your tool. The test for this module checks your ability to perform basic presentation tasks :

  • Using a presentation application

  • Developing a presentation

  • Working with text and images

  • Working with graphs and charts

  • Adding special effects to a slide show

  • Printing and delivering presentations

This chapter will help you review the skills that you need to pass this module of the ICDL.

PowerPoint standard toolbar.

PowerPoint view toolbar.

PowerPoint formatting toolbar.

PowerPoint tables and borders toolbar.

PowerPoint drawing toolbar.

Microsoft Organization Chart toolbar.

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