How to Prepare for an Exam

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Preparing for any ICDL exam requires that you obtain and study materials designed to provide comprehensive information about the material that will appear on the exam. For the ICDL, you can find this information on the current ICDL Syllabus, which is kept online at

What This Book Will Not Do

This book will not teach you everything you need to know about computers or even about a given topic. Nor is this book an introduction to computer technology. If you're new to application software and looking for an initial preparation guide, check out, where you will find computer training books suitable for all levels of knowledge. This book reviews what you need to know before you take the test, with the fundamental purpose dedicated to reviewing the information needed on the ICDL exam.

This book uses a variety of teaching and memorization techniques to analyze the exam- related topics and to provide you with ways to input, index, and retrieve everything you need to know to pass the test. Once again, it is not an introduction to using computers.

What This Book Is Designed to Do

This book is designed to be read as a pointer to the areas of knowledge you will be tested on. In other words, you might want to read the book one time, just to get an insight into how comprehensive your knowledge of computers is. The book is also designed to be read shortly before you go for the actual test and to give you a distillation of the entire field of everyday computer use in as few pages as possible. We think you can use this book to get a sense of the underlying context of any topic in the chaptersor to skim-read for Exam Alerts, bulleted points, summaries, and topic headings.

We've drawn on material from the ICDL's own listing of knowledge requirements, as well as from our own experience with computers and software. Our aim is to walk you through the knowledge you needlooking over your shoulder, so to speakand point out those things that are important for the exam (Exam Alerts, practice questions, and so on).

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ICDL Exam Cram 2
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