Chapter 12. Getting Down to Business with Queries

In this chapter

  • Find duplicate records and unmatched data and summarize data using special query wizards

  • Modify and delete large groups of records at one time using Delete and Update action queries

  • Interact with a parameter query

  • Use a Totals view to summarize groups of data

So far, you've learned how to create and use almost every Access object. That means you can probably do quite a lot now. However, there's more to learn.

There's a lot more to queries than just retrieving data. As your data and your needs grow, your queries will probably become more complex.

Occasionally, you might need more help than the Simple Query Wizard provides. When this happens you have several options:

  • The Find Duplicates Query Wizard creates a Select query that locates duplicate records in the same table.

  • The Find Unmatched Query Wizard creates a Select query that locates records in one table that don't have related records in another table.

  • The Crosstab Query Wizard creates a type of Select query that summarizes data by categories.

  • Parameter queries prompt you to enter criteria when you run the query. As a result, you can reuse the same query for a number of results.

  • Action queries act on data by inserting new data, modifying existing data, and deleting records.

In this chapter, you'll work with a few query solutions that can handle some of your more complex data questions.



You can download the Chapter 12.mdb sample file, which is inclusive of all the examples in this chapter, from If you want to follow along with our examples, download Chapter 11.mdb .

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