One of the best things about writing a book is finishing it and getting to thank all of the other people who contributed . Authors can come up with a pile of manuscript (or, these days, computer files), but many other people are essential for producing the printed book that you're reading. So our thanks to Acquisitions Editor Loretta Yates, Development Editor Sean Dixon, Project Editor Matt Purcell, and Technical Editor Mark Hall. We'd also like to thank Stephanie McComb, who got us started on the first edition of this book. Thanks go out also to our able production staff. We couldn't have done it without you.

Access 2003 is the eighth version of Access. Although the program has come a long way in that time, an Access 1.0 developer would still recognize the version that we work with today. The original Access team and their successors did phenomenal work in coming up with this groundbreaking database, and we're pleased to build on their work. There's no way to individually thank the hundreds of developers, testers, writers, and managers at Microsoft who pulled together Access, but we are keenly aware of their contribution to this book.

Of course, we each have our own support system as well. Mike's consists of his wife Dana and his wonderful kids Adam and Kayla, who help out around the farm, appreciate home- cooked meals, play, smile, and otherwise make life worthwhile. And big thanks to Susan for being such a great writing partner.

Susan thanks Mike Gunderloy for agreeing to take on the project at the last minute and to Stephanie McComb at Que for contacting me about the book. Thanks to The Cobb Group for changing the focus of my career. Mostly, I thank my family for helping me to work from home in my socks and sweatshirt.

Absolute Beginner's Guide to Microsoft Office Access 2003
Absolute Beginners Guide to Microsoft Office Access 2003
ISBN: 0789729407
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2002
Pages: 124

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